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Security Center

We take your security and safety online extremely seriously. Here at Bisful, Inc., we work relentlessly to ensure the safety of your account and the information it contains.
Read our privacy policy to understand our methods for collecting, sharing, and disclosing your personal information

    Some top tips for staying secure online:

  • -Make sure your browser is up to date. Sometimes older browsers may not protect your personal information as well as they should
  • -Create a unique password that’s easy for you to remember, but difficult to guess, and includes a mix of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols. Try to steer clear of consecutive numbers and obvious number patterns (and your date of birth!)
  • -Don’t reuse your Bisful, Inc., password on other accounts and NEVER reveal your online passwords to anyone
  • -Change your password often
  • -Protect the device you use to get onto the internet with a PIN or biometrics
  • -Keep your anti-virus software up to date
  • -Disable your hotspot when not in use, and always keep your devices in view and within reach if you’re in a public place