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2039 Adhesive Breast Lift


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Includes 3 pairs. Waterproof, sweatproof, anti-shedding – fitness, swimming Zero pressure.

The self-contained elastic lifting effect is super strong. Cotton Fabric, soft and comfortable, light and invisible. Special sizing process safe and nonirritating .

Wash gently with warm water and wet towel before use, then wipe dry. Carefully place the Breast paste side on the lower part of the breast. Straighten the Breast paste, lift it up, and place it where you feel comfortable. Repeat this process on the other breast. The Nipple has a chest lifting function, and the longer it is used, the stronger the lift. Do not wear for 5 hours. When you take it off, the skin is a little red but will fade in about 15 minutes.

Box packaging.


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